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Diving / Underwater services :

  • All general commercial diving services.
  • Installation, inspection and repair of Offshore Pipeline.
  • Underwater photography and videography.


Vessel Launching &Pulling Up by Airbags :

  • Ship Launching &Pulling-up by Air Bags.
  • Salvage of Sunken Ships and Shipwrecks by Air Bags.
  • Pipelines Floating by Air Bags.


Salvage /Wreck Removal :

  • Salvage Sunken Ships.
  • Re-floatation of Grounded Vessels.
  • Sunken Cargo Removal.


Supply of Marine Equipment :

  • Diving / underwater Equipment.
  • Marine Equipment.
  • Oil Booms.
  • Underwater fixing tools.
  • Navigational devices.
  • HPcompressors.


Hydrographic Survey :

  • Positioning.
  • Soundings.
  • Bottom Imaging.
  • Geophysical.
  • Miscellanies.
  • Previous Projects.


Cable Laying Operations 



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