Vision & MissionAs a company which highly respects professionalism with satisfaction orientation and customer trust, hence Vision and Mission UGE as follows:


We are the leading contractor, specializing in All-Sea Underwater Solutions provides dredging, installation and setup of underwater pipelines for the power plants & Seawater Desalination Plants using in Airbag solution and Maritime contracts. We join forces with our clients to create innovative, sustainable solutions and safe working conditions.

The company continues to grow and broaden its horizons To be a maritime services company with reliable and has a high competitive ability with oriented customer satisfaction and trust, never losing sight of the attributes which brought it to this high pedestal of progress. It is committed to continue to attain the level of excellence expected by its valuable customers


United Group Enterprises S.A.E. Providing under water & Maritime services through all potential optimization based on professionalism and client satisfaction responsibility. When it comes to under water & Maritime services , our goal is to be the best service provider in this field.

 UGE wishes to be recognized as a proactive, safety conscious, service oriented, customer focused and a well managed company believing in Customer Relationship.

Whatever the job, Deeply Committed To Excellence.

UGE Objective

United Group Enterprises S.A.E .  is a leading commercial diving company in the industry, with excellent safety record and unprecedented commitment to quality and safety. UGE  rises above the competition due to its strong focus on proper gear, and training procedures. The company has experienced a steady growth in both the onshore and offshore customer base. The company offers a variety of services including salvage, inspection, maintenance, construction and repair to variety of structures including ships , Jetties and pipelines. As a result of its proactive management style, excellent reputation and innovative technology, UGE  has great aspirations and confidence for its future growth and performance.

Business Description

1-      Marine Constructions

Breakwater Construction
Quay & Jetty Construction
Dredging and Seabed Leveling
Underwater pipelines for the power plants & Seawater Desalination Plants

Offshore Underwater Services

2-      Salvage and Wreck Removal

Salvage Operations
Wreck Removal & Wreck Reduction
Bunker Removal/Recovery
Underwater Operations & Survey
Towage Services


Landing & launching ship

Launching pipe line

Launching pipeline concrete cap


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