UGE Management believes that the Safety and Health of its employees, as well as persons working under its control and of the general public, together with the protection of the Environment are the overriding considerations in carrying out its diverse marine operations and constitutes the key element of UGE strategic objectives in delivering the highest level of quality to its Clients and improve its Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance.

  • In the context of globalization more and more businesses operate in connection with our businesses, and more often at an international level, either as supplier, sub-contractor or producer of a finished service.

  • UGE built and are following a system of management which is understood in the same way by all the parties, which brings confidence to all parties and which eventually brings satisfaction to the customer. is a standard which was designed to meet these requirements.

  • Cost Control: 
    UGE applies consistently cost control policy which can reduce costs of our Activities, Since these cost reductions flow straight to our costumer profits.

  • Customer satisfaction:
    Since the company offer ship management, services and supply, and its interactions with customers are relatively error-free. A higher level of customer satisfaction always lead to increased market share.

  • Defect reduction:
    we have a strong emphasis on improving quality within all processes, which reduces the time needed to fix errors and we emphasize always to employ a qualified team of quality assurance personnel.

  • Morale:
    The ongoing and proven success of our Company , and in particular the participation of employees in that success always lead to a noticeable improvement in employee morale, which in turn reduces employee turnover, and therefore reduces the cost of hiring and training new employees.

  • UGE are following A set of coordinated procedures to direct and control all the Company Activities in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance. which will result for quality Management , services and Customer satisfaction.


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